Northbridge CPU


The northbridge is a chip in the core logic chipset architecture on a PC motherboard. The northbridge is connected directly to the CPU, which manages communication with other parts of the motherboard and is responsible for tasks that require the highest performance.

A fitting place to begin our story, not in a Sydney suburb as commonly thought, but within the computer. In 2010, with the idea that recruitment in Australia needed to improve by effectively connecting culture and skills based search, Northbridge was born.

This task could only be achieved by high performing Consultants through effective communication, collaboration and building real connections.


Our strengths lie within our team. The connection runs through our veins and the team has been built largely through our local recruitment network of high performing Consultants.

Our Consultants are chosen specifically for their background in either HR/Psychology or from within the industry. This is our unique advantage as our
team collaborates to be able to deliver a bridged search for the right culture and skills.

Our recruitment strategies increase productivity, save potential lost revenue and hours in the selection process. It is this refreshing approach that has seen us work with a range of companies including from iconic Australian start-ups through to Fortune 500. Specialising in contract, permanent solutions and SOW we work across industries including Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, Retail, FMCG, Utilities, Healthcare, Building and Construction, Government and Not for Profit.

Here at Northbridge, we pride ourselves on our unique approach, remaining true to our core principles of:


“Talk straight and Deliver” I let people know when things will be done, and I get them done when I say they will be done.

Commitment & Quality

“Give everything, every time” I ensure that I deal with consultants and contractors in a manner that I would like to be dealt with if I was in their position.


“This week was good, can next week be better?” I try to get everything done on time and sometimes early so that I can assist others.


“Always help your mate” I will always be the first person to ask if anyone needs help.


“Gain, Build, Give” To treat all fellow staff, candidates and clients in the manner in which you expect to be treated.

Beyond Now

“Let’s think of the future” See’s relationships with Clients / Candidates as long-term, not transactional.