Northbridge is an accredited supplier to the NSW Government on the SCM0007, SCM0020 and SCM0227 schemes.

The growing and continuous demand for active skilled candidates is a real challenge for both State and Federal Departments.

Northbridge prides itself on our speed to market with skilled, active and successful candidates.

Capable of managing large scale, high volume, national campaigns, as well as providing targeted support to individual assignments, we have recruited across major categories. 

Northbridge is approved to supply to the NSW Government:


Executive Search as an approved supplier on the SCM0227 scheme

Contingent Workers (Contract Labor Hire) as an approved supplier on the SCM0007 scheme. Under the SCM0007, Northbridge is approved to supply under categories:

  • A: Administration
  • C: Specialist
  • G: ICT Network & Equipment
  • H: ICT Management, Implementation and Support
  • I: ICT Applications, Databases and Systems

ICT Services as an approved supplier on the SCM0020 scheme. Under the SCM0020, Northbridge is approved to supply services under categories:

  • A: Architecture and Design
  • C: Data Centre
  • E: Strategy
  • F: Network Management
  • G: Other ICT Services
  • I: ICT Programs
  • K: Security Management
  • M: Systems and Solutions

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